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Programming, Projects & Events

IHI has been stitching together a variety of events and projects that we are launching. We are located on the Top of the Hill in North Milton, PEI. The “Hill of Hope” is a 3-acre multi use property that we have leased for 5 years with first option to buy. IHI has a lot of big plans for the property that will build on the existing partnerships, businesses, projects and ideas that will bring the right people together to help build the community and solutions that will benefits our Island from tip to tip.

Here are just some of the great things we have in the works. Please take a moment to look through the following projects and let us know if you would like to get involved, make a donation, or maybe you have an idea or project you'd like to present and work with us. We are always open to project  ideas that will raise money, or benefit the community we are building.


Hill of Hope

AIRBNB @ North Milton Facility:     


We are into our second year hosting the Hill of Hope AirBnb in North Milton.  If you have any friends coming to the Island, or looking for a cool place to staycation....or maybe its time to level up your party game and Party for the CAUSE. 100% of profits stay with iHi for local content, support and programming. 


If you book with us or refer some business our way, you'll receive a box of hand-crafted sea salt from The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company and a chance for a $ 250-weekend stay at AIRBNB in the off-season. 

Email for details.

Tiny Home - Shipping Container Homes: 

iHi partnered with Salts of the Earth and local tiny home builder EcoEnviroBuilders to build a shipping container tiny home that we currently now selling.  We are looking at building another in the near future. Call Darren for details - 902-314-2569 or email

Fight club was created over 4 years ago as a men’s social club by Darren Blanchard. It’s a place for men to come together in a non-judgemental and confidential setting where they can feel comfortable to let their guards down and help to break down the stigma of men speaking openly and genuinely about their feelings. This is a safe and sober setting equipped with a billiards table, dartboard, and great company.

    Every Wednesday Night from 7:00pm-9:00pm

    For Directions and more information please contact:


                        Text/Call: 902-314-2569              

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Big Announcement!!
iHi Partnership with The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company

iHi is super excited about its recent partnership with The Prince Edward Island Sea Salt Company. PEI Sea Salt entered its 9th season of operation and has transformed the brand, the story, and the business model to create something much bigger than just fabulous finishing salts.  As some of you may know, our founder, Darren C. Blanchard, is also the owner of PEI Sea Salt. And 2020 and 2021 were tough years for tourism and all offshoot industries and businesses that depend on an influx of people. This caused the salt company to redirect operations to the internet and social media to avoid disruption like in 20 & 21. Going from multiple markets and 78 stores across Atlantic Canada in 2019 to an online-only business model. This allowed for the opportunity to give the retail profit to iHi for content, support, and programming for mental health within our Island community.  



Our first joint promotion is the introduction of our new partner, The PEI Sea Salt Company.  We are promoting the 40-gram package of their Pure Hand-crafted finishing salts for $10..NO TAX.. DELIVERED. Now that’s the best deal going for Canadian Hand Crafted Finishing Sea Salt, guaranteed!! 🙂

And 40% of the profit will go to iHi for local Mental and Emotional wellness programming. 



40% of profits from all sales on go to iHi. Also good to mention PEI Sea Salt has partnered with local people and businesses within our community who also benefit from various aspects of the product creation process or sourcing process. One example would be a few of the local men winning the battle again mental health issues who assist in the early stage salt-making process. Another would be that all of our 4-pack gift boxes are made by the Stars for Life Foundation. The Foundation is committed to creating a quality of life for young people with autism spectrum disorder, fully included in their community; with a commitment to continued education, life and job skills training, and inclusion. 



 We need your help for this partnership to truly be a win win win situation. We hope you will help us spread the word and bring PEI Sea Salt to as many tables in the world as we can. If you are not able to purchase the salt for yourself but believe in our mission, please share our content, and mention it to people for gift ideas for everyone. We all eat salt. Even if you buy this promotion once a year, you will get amazing salt, cheaper than 90% of the competition, right to your door, and know that you are contributing to a great cause. 

PEI SEa Salt logo).png

Upcoming Events


We will be hosting monthly Men's Socials / Texas Holdem Poker Tournaments to raise funds and awareness for Men's health.


We are kicking around the idea of a dinner club. ... A Men's Dinner Club. :) If interested reach out at   - Sponsor/Partner PEI Sea Salt Co. 


We will be hosting an in-person/online Men's Community Think Tank to discuss issues that men face. The goal is the bring men together for an open dialogue around subjects pertaining to men. 

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