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islanders helping islanders and community involvement (1)

islanders helping islanders and community involvement (1)

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We are a group of individuals who share a common belief that we can transform our healthcare crisis by working together. Our community is made up of people from various villages who have become disconnected from each other, and from the systems and institutions that are meant to support us.

As members of this community, we are committed to being the change we want to see in the world. We are inviting others to join us at our table, to break bread and break the silence on the issues that affect us all. Our goal is to foster authentic discussions that lead to solutions and alternatives to the current path we are on.

Why is this so important? Because the systems that are supposed to support us are failing, and the gaps in healthcare are only getting larger. We need to come together as a community, both locally and provincially, to help our brothers and sisters in need. Our aim is to create a safe, respectful, and productive space where people can find support and programming that is critical to their well-being.

We believe in the power of work, social connection, and community to help people on their path to healing. By coming together and creating bonds, we can find meaningful opportunities to support each other and to heal as a collective. Join us in creating a brighter future for our Island community.

How we are doing it?
How you can help?



iHi is focused on building our ecommerce products, services and brands on


Every purchase brings support to our Island community.

Click below and check us out!

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We will be creating a variety of online content for our brands, products and services, focused to specific groups and demographics with hopes that them join our journey in some capacity. From buying one of our products to sharing a social post, it all helps reframe and change the game.

We look forward to this journey with you.  


Local events

Check out the variety of Theme parties & events we will be hosting.

Or Level-Up your Party Game with PARTY  for the CAUSE. Where we host your up to 25 person special event and 100% of proceeds go to our mission..

- Theme Parties
- Poker Tournaments
- Foodie Nights              **(Sponsored by PEI Sea Salt)
- BBQ Parties
- Bachlor/Bachlorette Party


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We will be going deep and creating on a daily basis to keep our energy and  communication open. Creating special events, to social medial content, to new product ideas or services that will generate revenue and awareness about our mission to change the game.


Join us on our journey.

Let’s Work Together

We are an open source organization.

Please connect with any ideas, criticisms, or supports. 

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